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Belén Gómez Abad

Director, Renewables Business Development

As Director of Business Development, I will focus on creating strong partnerships with commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations operating throughout Europe, specifically in consultation on large-scale renewable energy projects. My core mission is to engage new prospects and drive relationships to implement an integrated energy and sustainability strategy.

Prior to joining Altenex Energy, I served in a similar position in energy procurement services. My primary goal was to advise industrial clients on ways to purchase energy by applying tailored procurement strategies, energy contracting, risk management, and data management. I also helped facilitate company expansion to the U.S., Europe, and Central and South America, also assisting numerous corporates with their energy needs.

I am based in Valencia, Spain.

Education Background

MSc in Economic Globalization: Integration and International Trade – University of Valencia, Spain.

“The moment for making a change and transitioning to renewable energy is now, and being a part of this shift in focus surrounded by the world’s greatest energy experts is a unique opportunity that I find very inspirational.”