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The Insights Platform

Powered by Edison Energy

The Insights Platform's client-centric technology puts you at the heart of your data, creating transparency and driving insights. Simplifying power and natural gas procurement, streamlining the supplier bidding process, and giving large-scale energy buyers full transparency into their customized offers and analysis.

Energy data at your fingertips, any time you need it.

Here is how energy buyers utilize our platform:

EU Marketplace Updated

Renewables Insights

  • Interactive Renewable Energy Marketplace brings transparency to the utility-scale PPA market by displaying real, actionable offers that have been marketed to our clients
  • RFP Reports provide full access to customized bids, and the tools to hone in opportunities of greatest interest
  • Spend and Settlements Reports enable market transparency as soon as a PPA is executed
  • Portfolio and single project views for RECs and cash flow
EU Insights RFPs

Procurement & Management Insights

  • Access to detailed reporting leveraging invoice data
  • Click down reporting with easy access to invoice pdf
  • Online RFP progress tracking, analysis & approval
  • Access to energy contracts and other documents
  • Natural gas and power market pricing tools
  • Access to Renewable Energy Marketplace

Optimize your energy procurement journey

Edison Energy Insights is for the exclusive use of current clients. Prospective clients can gain access on a trial basis by requesting a demo. If you're an existing client and want to access the Insights Platform, contact your client service manager or portalsupport@edisonenergy.com.

Here is What Clients Are Saying:

“The visibility and insights we receive from the platform’s hourly PPA monitoring and forecasting capabilities are invaluable – it enables our team to manage contract risks better, inform our future procurement strategies, and help us create more accurate market settlement accounting and reporting.”
- Fortune 50, Energy Manager

Platform Features:

Bringing your projects to life and connecting you with market leaders.

Benefits for Suppliers and Developers:

  • 24/7 access to RFP status providing transparency as well as accessibility to historic RFP data
  • Seamless and intuitive submission of bids with clone process saving you time
  • Automatic reminders for when bids are due keeping you on track

  • Centralized location for access and visualization of key information such as RFP progress and responses
  • Quarterly feedback reports from Edison’s energy experts on how your projects and pricing ranks in the market
  • Flexibility with your team and peers via “contacts sharing” when the main point of contact is unavailable

Who We Work With

Our Client-Centric Technology

Edison Energy Insights was created using 25+ years of experience analyzing and interpreting data. We were able to build this platform with our clients' key needs in mind, bringing together the most essential elements of their energy activities into one location. If you're an existing client and want to access the Insights Platform, contact your client service manager or portalsupport@edisonenergy.com. Prospective clients can request access below.