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Tim Broerse

Clean Energy Origination Manager

As a Clean Energy Origination Manager, I am responsible for leading commercial strategy, structuring energy contracts, and negotiating agreements on behalf of Edison’s Fortune 500, universities, and municipal clients seeking renewable energy through onsite and offsite generation in Europe. The Clean Energy Origination team focuses on continuous innovation in contract terms to align with the evolving renewable energy industry, and I look forward to leveraging my experience with PPAs, ISDAs, proxy generation, and retail agreements for renewables here at Altenex Energy.

Prior to joining Altenex, I served as the Senior Business Originator in Amsterdam for Axpo and Priogen, where I was responsible for structuring and negotiating renewable power, gas, and certificate offtake agreements on both the buy and sell sides. Prior to this, I served as a commodity sales trader for several large utilities and brokers including Vattenfall, STX, and Noble Group.

I am based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Educational Background

MA in Business Law from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for which I also took several elective courses at the University of Hong Kong.

“In my view, the reason why the work of Altenex Energy is so important is its focus on Cost, Carbon, and Complex choices. I believe that this is what makes the energy industry tick. A fine balance needs to be made around the complex topics of cost and carbon.”