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Sam Collins

Senior Quantitative Energy Analyst

As a Sr. Quantitative Energy Analyst I model the European electrical system with the goal of forecasting long-term market prices for different regions in a range of scenarios. It’s about making sure we have the best possible analysis to help clients plan for the uncertainty of the changing electrical system.

I started as engineer in large-scale construction, then worked as energy trader before switching into modeling electrical systems – including day-ahead, production cost, and capacity expansion modeling – for a Canadian utility, which led me to join Edison in 2022. My diverse background and passion for the energy industry help me bring a unique skillset to the company.

I am based in St. John’s, NL, Canada.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering – Memorial University of Newfoundland

Master of Mechanical Engineering – University of Calgary

“Good energy decisions make the world better. Edison is working on helping clients make informed decisions and I’m excited to play my part in that work.”