Kristi Ghosh

Renewables Advisory Analyst

As a renewables advisory analyst, I am responsible for analyzing renewable energy market risks and opportunities, administration of the projects database for market evaluation and value determination, as well as oversight of content development for renewable and sustainability publications.

Prior to Altenex Energy, I worked for renewable energy ecolabel, coordinating the project in Russia and CIS countries. My main goal was to analyze the renewable energy opportunities in the region and promote energy ecolabel among energy consumers. I also was responsible for managing a Wind Energy Roadmap for Russia while working at the World Wind Energy Association.

I am based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Educational Background

Master’s degree in Sustainability and European environmental policy – Cardiff University and Radboud University

Bachelor’s degree in political science – National Research University Higher School of Economics

“I believe renewable energy is one of the most powerful aspects of the fight against climate change. Altenex Energy puts this idea to the centre and aims to help clients to become a part of a sustainable future!”