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Kenza Benabdallah

Quantitative Energy Analyst

As Quantitative Energy Analyst, I support the Market Fundamentals and Analysis team to provide market insights, price forecasts, and PPA cash flow evaluations in client engagements across the U.S. and the E.U. In this role, I help enhance the company’s electricity market modeling capabilities and integrate the modeling process into the company’s broader analytical process and develop analytical processes to support other teams’ data management.

I previously have worked as a Data Science Research Assistant, where I built a data-based registry for pediatric cancer survivorship research and helped create visualizations and analysis of some collected data. I also lead Amnesty International as a president, the largest organization at Washington and Lee University campus advocating against human rights violations.


I am based in Boston, United States.

Education Background

Bachelor of Bachelor of Economics and Chinese – Washington and Lee University, US