John Egbuta

Client Services Manager, European Renewables Advisory

As the Client Services Manager for European Renewables Advisory,I manage client relationships by leading the effective delivery of Renewable Advisory outcomes for the entire lifecycle of the stakeholder engagement process, beginning with the initial energy profiling until PPA contract management and settlement.

I started my career in Research investigating Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Energy Management in the Built Environment. I then went on to various commercial and technical roles for various Engineering and Mechanical/Electrical Services Companies operating in the EMEA region delivering Energy and Sustainability Performance Contracts for Corporate and Industrial Clients. I recently had the privileged of leading a Global Team of Energy and Sustainability Managers to successfully deliver full-spectrum energy services for one of the largest banks in the world.

I am based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Educational Background

Mater’s degree Sustainability Engineering: Renewable Energy Systems and the Environment – University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland

“Our Work is highly consequential because of its impact on the planet. We connect clients with solutions that effectively reduce their carbon costs.”