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IPCC Climate Report: Key Takeaways

IPCC Climate Change Report 2021, sunrise

On the 9th of August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Sixth Assessment Report on Climate Change 2021. This main climate study was prepared by scientists from all over the globe and approved by 195 member governments. Here are the main takeaways:


  • Global warming is happening faster than predicted: to mitigate its effects we need rapid and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. With this immediate action, there is a high chance to reach 1.5° C warming within the next 20 years. The report also provides evidence for human activities being the main cause of such accelerated warming.


  • The impacts of climate change will increase, leading to more extreme heatwaves, longer warm seasons and shorter cold seasons, floods, droughts, etc. and will affect every region on Earth. The cities and coastal areas will be affected the most. To support the assessments carried out in the Climate Change 2021 report the IPCC developed an Interactive Atlas which allows observing the temperature change at the regional level. 


  • We have been witnessing the effects of climate change over the last several years. According to the report, the past 5 years saw the highest recorded temperatures since 1850, and the sea level has risen 5 times compared to the figures of the 1970s. In particular, this year has been full of major wildfires, deadly floods, and abnormal heat, and we expect even more dangerous weather events during the next decades. We can slow the impacts of global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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The full text of the report is available here.